Molds for plastic injection, stamping and cutting boards
Injected parts and components for electrical appliances
Moulds manufacturing

We offer to our customers, at competitive prices, moulds, dies and accessories for a wide range of activities, from the packaging manufacturing industry to the manufacturing of compounds, subsets and automotive parts. 

Production capacity
Maximum gauge assembled mold: 1300x800x600 (h) mm
Maximum weight mould: 3.5-4 tons
No. of moulds / month: 10

Mould design
8 workstations
Software: Catia V5, Solid Works, Autocad

a. Workshop on cutting processing machinery (lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and round holes coordinated grinding machines, drilling machines coordinated pantograph)
b. Workshop on processing by cutting on machines with numerical command
c. Workshop on electro-erosion (wire electro-erosion, massive electrode electro-erosion)
d. Workshop on adjustment and final assembly (fit and mold assembly, maintenance and repairs)
e. Workshop on heat treatment (hardening / tempering, nitriding)
f. NC Programming Workshop (achieving ISO programming CNC milling, CAM software used: SolidCAM, Catia V5)

Quality Control
Conventional means of measurement: microscope, callipers, micrometer, comparator, rail kit, durimetru.
3D Control: Wenzel, Smart CMM measuring machines , measuring max size: 1000x450x400mm