Molds for plastic injection, stamping and cutting boards
Injected parts and components for electrical appliances
MEN Industry Group

Production Sites


The headquarters on Racari St. no. 5 is the principal place of business administration and management.

Also, the office in Bucharest is the main center for research, development and design of the group.

Here are also found productive activities specific of the group, such as:
- mould designing, drawing and development - ELJ Moulds;
- mould execution, modification and maintenance - ELJ Moulds;
- production of metal components (contacts) for electrical products - Nicprem and Metaplast;
- electrical components assembly line - Metaplast and Nicprem.

At the group’s headquarters in Bucharest, 73 employees are working on a total area of 1000 sqm.

Titu, Dambovita

At Titu, on 101 Bis Station Street, there is the main plastics production headquarters of the group, where we own the two injection factories:
- NICPREM Factory - 2200 square meters - manufacturing plastic parts for home appliances industries (especially refrigeration) - Production start in June 2006;
- METAPLAST Factory - 2500 square meters - manufacturing plastic parts for automotive industry - Production start July 2009.

We have 24 injection machines (brand Engel, Arburg, Negri Bossi, Haitian), from 40t to 1300 TF

The group owns 18,000 square meters in Titu, and expected expansion of production facilities soon.